Cost Reduction Strategies - Staying Ahead Of Your Financial Game

Have you been Staying Ahead Of Your Financial Game? If not, then you need to see today’s blog post as it deals with Cost Reduction Strategies.

Are you struggling financially? Perhaps even late on a couple of bills payments? Are you also struggling to stay out of debt?

If you are like most people, then your answer would be yes – with a sigh. That is okay! Ever since the economy crisis – back a couple years – many people have still been struggling to get out of the trenches that the economy has left them in.

In fact, quite a bit are still in the same position that they were a couple years back. Not a problem though. I see you want to take back control of your life, starting with your finances.


Taking back control of your life is definitely a good way to start. I give you props for that.

Plan Your Winter Season Financial Game


For today’s topic, I have created a financial game plan guide for you. Plan Your Winter Season Financial GameIt will better guide you through the winter seasons, when anything seems to be more expensive. This resource is called Finance Game – Plan Your Winter Season.

Grab a copy now! Reduce your finance and increase the money back into your bank. 

Cost Reduction Strategies — In The Spring

March – Save OR Clean

The period of taxes is approaching closer… Make a decision for your tax returns to either safely store away your tax returns or to throw them away.

Tip: Keep tax returns for at least 3 years. If you are self-employed, then keep them for 6 years.

April – Treat Yourself

Living life is about enjoying it as well. Plan a journey.

Tip: Even if you are struggling financially, it is still important to treat yourself and be grateful for the moment. Plan a trip with a lot of people and do it 4-6 months ahead of time, such that the cost is cheaper.

May – Brilliant Giver

As graduations and weddings are just around the corner, remember to give smartly – don’t put negatives in your bank.

Tip: If you are really struggling financially, then plan to make your own gifts for them. Homemade gifts are always the best, just because it comes from the heart and is unique. Supplies – for homemade gifts – can be found in dollar stores or even EBay for a cheap price. If you are not into making the gift, then why not attempt baking them cookies? Everyone enjoys a light snack, right?

Cost Reduction Strategies — In The Summer

June – Less Energy

With the days being longer, and the nights becoming shorter – save energy.

Tip: Turn off your lights – Ahaha! – it couldn’t be any more straight forward then that. Also, if the weather is nice take your entire family outside to play or have a picnic.

July – Seek Advice

Seek for financial advice on how to achieve the great things in life – the steps they took to make it happen. No, not just anyone’s advice.

Tip: Make sure the person that is giving you advice is in a better financial situation than you are. Reason being, if they have been to the top, they would know how to get to the top. On the flip side, if someone has never been to the top, then their advice may be misleading. Thus being said seek for people that are financially well off.

Plan Your Winter Season Financial Game


Now that you have finished reading the blog post, I hope you have gained some new insight to change your finance in the upcoming Spring & Summer season. If you enjoyed it, feel free to reach out to me and connect. Also, don’t forget to get the rest of the Financial Game – Plan Your Winter Season. Stay tuned for the next post. Bye for now!!

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